Transitory Archipelago

In collaboration with Jade Juste & Lionel Léotardi

Academie des beaux arts - Paris, 2010

Transitory Archipelago is a manifesto project that aims to reconfigure the situation and the typology of refugee camps. This case study takes place in London in the event of a possible great flood.

There is a need for rethinking places which signify protection but also exclusion. Refugee camps are usually voluntarily situated outside of the city.  In opposition to this model, the concept of emergency architecture unfolds into a transitory space intended to underscore connectivity reconfiguring networks as within the city. The Transitory Archipelago offers a new ground for the inhabitants.

Based on the possible constant reconfiguration of modular elements, it could be assembled on any site. Erasing borders between what are too often conceived as closed communities this design is imagined to be a support for a flexible migratory life.