Hermès George V

En collaboration avec Anne Bugugnani & Philippe Van Caenegem

Paris, France - 2013

This project was done in collaboration with Parsons Paris in the context of a workshop/studio to conceive and build up the fifteen window displays of the George V Hermes Store in Paris. As the horse jumps through the first window, the butterflies composing the body gain in color and vividness, shaping the spirit of Hermès. Myriads of butterflies, fluttering and flirting with Hermès products, playfully dance in the windows. The viewers, while passing the fifteen frames of the George V boutique, discover spring Eclosion – the spirit of Hermès.

Students: Mia Aadland Støelen, Flora Gouin, Alva Ohlsson, Adrian Prlic, Johannes Boehl, Ariel Corey.